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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tips to Transfer Outlook Folders to a New Computer

If you are preparing to either discard your old computer or reformat it and you want to move your Microsoft Outlook folders from an old computer to a new one.  The below mentioned guide will help you perform the desired task on your own. The best way to fix this issue is to contact for Microsoft Outlook support.

 Steps to Transfer Outlook Folders

•    First copy all your Outlook data to a new folder and place it on the desktop.

Steps to copy Microsoft Outlook Data

a.    Click on the “File” and then select “Import and Export”.

b.    This will launch the Import and Export wizard. Click on Export to a file and then hit the Next button.

c.    Highlight Personal Folder File (.pst) then click on Next.

d.    Click to select the folders that you want to export to the .pst file. Click to check the box Include Subfolders and then hit Next. If you want to copy the entire Outlook data, then click on your mailbox account (it should be like Mailbox – John Smith), similarly include subfolders and then hit the Next button.

•    Now insert a DVD\CD or flash drive to your computer and copy (burn) this newly created .pst file data to it. When you are finished taking backup to the CD, remove it and keep it to a safe place for further use.

•    Now setup your new computer if you haven’t already done so. Setup and configure Outlook also. When done, insert the flash drive or CD that you copied the .pst file to and copy it to the desktop either in a new folder or as is it (it will show the default name of the file).

•    When done, remove the drive and open Outlook.

•    Click on the File tab and select Import and Export. When the wizard opens up, click on Import from another program or file and then click on Next.

•    Select Personal Folder File (.pst) and then press Next. Click on the Browse button and navigate to desktop or the location you saved the .pst to (from the DVD etc.).

•    Double click on the file, leave the Allow Duplicates to be created option checked, select subfolders too and hit the Next button. Click on the Finish button to close the wizard. You shall now have your Outlook data copied into the new computer.


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