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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Remove Windows Runtime Error

A runtime error is a problem that interrupts programs from working correctly. It indicates that there are bugs in the program/software. Run time errors may also occur if your system files are obsolete or corrupt.

Follow the Windows repair steps as mentioned below to easily fix this type of errors-

Step 1: Go to 'Start -> Run', type 'msconfig' and hit 'Enter' key. 'System Configuration Utility' window will be appeared.

How to Remove Windows Runtime Error
Step 2: Click label 'General -> Selective Startup'. Now clear the check boxes for 'Process SYSTEM.INI', 'Process WIN.INI' and 'Load Startup Items'.

Step 3: Click 'Services' tab and select the checkbox to 'Hide All Microsoft Services'.

Step 4: Click 'Startup' tab label and select 'Disable All'. Click the checkbox next to one of the programs.

It’s time to restart your computer. If the runtime error is still occurring, then that was a conflicting program which you checked in Step 4. Now go to control panel and remove this conflicting program. 

If there is no runtime error after system restart, repeat the above steps until you find the conflicting program.

Don't forget to check Malware in your computer. Find here how to block and remove Malware.

After deletion of conflicting programs, install latest update for your Windows system. Get here how to run Windows update in Windows 7.

Monday, July 30, 2012

How to setup Netgear router security

Netgear wireless routers support different standard wireless encryption schemes including WEP, WPA and WPAv2. WPAv2 is the newest of the three versions and is still considered secure. You can set up a Netgear wireless router for security by setting a WPAv2 password in the Web-based configuration interface. Get here step by step guide to setup and configure a Netgear wireless router?

So find here Netgear router support tips to easily setup Netgear router security and following steps are -

Step 1: Simply open your Netgear router home page by entering default address '' in address bar and hit 'Enter'.

How to setup Netgear router security
Step 2: Type 'admin' and 'password' without comma for the username and password respectively and click 'Wireless Settings'.

Step 3: Now click 'WPA-PSK' or 'WPA2-PSK'.

Step 4: Type a wireless password in the 'Passphrase' box, and then click 'Apply' to save and apply the settings. Any currently connected wireless clients must disconnect and then reconnect with the new password. Click 'Set Password'.

Step 5: Type 'password' without quotes into the 'Old password' field.

Step 6: Type a password into the 'New password' and 'Repeat new password' fields, then click 'Apply' to save and apply the changes. This changes the password for the router itself and is independent of the wireless password.

Note: If you forget or lost your Netgear router's password, Netgear router can be reset to default factory setting by holding the reset button on the back of the router for 20 seconds.

Friday, July 27, 2012

How to factory reset Acer laptop

Unlike other laptops, Acer laptops integrate a computer management utility called 'Acer eRecovery Management' to create backup of hard drive data, create restore point, reinstall applications & drivers, and reset Acer laptop to factory setting.

Find below the simplified Acer help guide to reset Acer laptop to factory setting -

Step 1: First backup your data from your Acer laptop to any external storage device so that it couldn't be lost during reset operation.

Step 2: Ensure that all programs are closed, now shut down your laptop.

How to factory reset Acer laptop
Step 3: Before starting your Acer laptop, ensure that there is no external storage device attached to it. Now start your laptop.

Step 4: Press 'Alt + F10' when the laptop starts booting, and wait for a moment while Windows loads the reset files.

Step 5: When 'Acer eRecovery Management' window appears, select 'Restore System from factory default' and click 'Next' to continue.

Step 6: Again click 'Next' to reset your Acer laptop. This process will erase all data from your hard disk and reset your Acer laptop to original factory settings.

Step 7: Click 'OK' in the notification window to begin the the resetting operation. Now wait while your Acer laptop is reset to factory settings.

Tips: You can also create a backup copy of your laptop data before factory reset. Simply click 'Backup' in 'Acer eRecovery Management' window.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Restore/Reset Dell Vostro to Factory Setting

Dell Vostro laptop has made it much easier for users to restore/reset their laptops to factory settings. Based on which Windows operating system is installed on Dell Vostro laptops. Unlike others, Dell Vostro is outfitted with a system-restore utility that takes back the laptop to its manufacturer condition or factory setting. Also find here how to restore Dell computer drivers.

Find below the simplified Dell help guide to restore/reset Dell Vostro laptop to factory setting -

Step 1: First backup your all important data & programs and then shut down your Dell Vostro laptop.

Restore/Reset Dell Vostro to Factory Setting
Step 2: Now start your Dell laptop and press 'Ctrl + F11' key until 'Advanced Boot Options' comes up.

(For Win XP = Ctrl + F11; For Vista/Win 7 = F8; …. Get here how to reset your Dell Vista computer)

Step 3: Select 'Repair Your Computer' option and hit 'Enter'. Also select your language here and click 'Next'.

Step 4: Now enter administrator username and password and click 'OK'.

Step 5: Click 'Dell Factory Image Restore', and then click 'Next'.

Step 6: Click the check box to confirm that you will delete all the data on the Dell Vostro laptop and click 'Finish' when the restore process is complete.

Now your Dell laptop will restart automatically as it was for the first time from the factory. Also take some steps to make Dell computer run faster.

Also find here some helpful Dell computer guide here for what to do if your dell laptop's wireless is not working and why Dell laptop randomly shut down?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to avoid viruses when browsing the Web

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a virus or malware when browsing the web. It can absolutely debilitate, debunk and discombobulate you and your computer, and it will be very time consuming and costly to eliminating them. Find here where do malicious computer viruses come from?

So we are sharing here some easy tips to make your computer more protective when you are browsing the web. Find the easy tips below -

Get strong antivirus software. There are several fairly effective antivirus available for free as well paid can be purchased. 

Check that your system firewall is enable or not. If it is disable, enable it. Simply go to 'Start -> Control Panel -> Security Center ->Firewall -> Turn on Now'

You can also use any third party firewall program because Windows firewall provides only a basic level of protection. But don't allow more than one firewall or antivirus program to run more at the same time. They will conflict and can be causes for slow PC.

Keep your antivirus update with automatic latest update files suggested by antivirus manufactures. But there are also some limitations of antivirus software.

Perform completely virus scan regularly to make sure that you haven't unknowingly gotten a virus while visiting the websites.

Prevent dubious websites or links in e-mails. There is little security to be had if you voluntarily put your computer in this type of danger. Find here how you can remove e-mail virus from PC.

Use a latest browser version to visit websites to avoid the viruses that targeted by hackers.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How to block and remove Malware

Protecting your computer form Malware and unwanted threads is not an easy task. Malware has an escape from existing antivirus protection and your antivirus may fail to detect Malware. So you will not only use a good antivirus program but also you must have a Firewall program to stop, block and remove malware from your computer. Because Firewall program is especially made for fix Malware. Get here where do malicious computer viruses come from?

Get below how easily can you block and remove Malware from your computer -

How to remove Malware:

Step 1: First disconnect the internet from your computer and backup your data.

Step 2: Now restart your computer in safe mode to stop the malware from running because some malware is self-running which known as auto-starting.

Step 3: Now go to 'My Network Places' and delete everything that you do not recognize or the name looks suspect.

Step 4: Now again restart your computer in safe mode and go to 'Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove', and delete all ActiveX controls, browser cache history and temporary files & cookies.

Step 5: Empty the recycle bin and must install a firewall, because firewall is a computer program to stop malware and other harmful threads.

Step 6: After all, run a full virus scan on your computer for any possible viruses...

Don't forget to restart your computer to check for anything you may have missed. Also find here how to get rid of the Conficker Worm.

How to block Malware:

Step 1: First run Windows Firewall program while on the Internet. Windows Firewall is a malware blocking program that is available for Windows operating system to block data connections that may contain malware.

Step2: If you didn't enable your Windows Firewall, then go to 'Start -> Control Panel -> Security Center ->Firewall -> Turn on Now', and again follow the step 1.

Step 3: Now run a updated virus removal program to full scan of your computer.
Sometime you can also use any third party firewall program because Windows firewall provides only a basic level of protection.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Remove Blue Screen Virus

The blue screen is generated by the rogue anti-virus program, Antivirus 2010. This rogue anti-virus program installs itself onto your PC and proceeds to flood your PC with pop-ups and fake system security scans. Also find here how to fix Black Screen of Death.

It displays a blue screen with the message 'A spyware application has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer'. Find here how to remove fake Windows security alert.

So find here the virus protection guide to remove blue screen virus form your computer completely. But the given solution is only for Win 7 and Win Vista. Follow these easy steps -

Step 1: Open Windows Task Manager with 'Ctrl + Shift + Esc' and click 'Processes' tab.

Step 2: Now delete these processes if it is running: 


How to Remove Blue Screen Virus
Step 3: Now go to 'Start -> Run' and type 'regedit' to open the Registry Editor.

Step 4: Now delete the following registry entries as given below. To delete these entries, just right-click on entries and click 'Delete'.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{FC8A493F-D236-4653-9A03-2BF4FD94F643}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "Windows Gamma Display"

....and close the Registry Editor.

Step 5: Simply click 'Start' and type 'cmd' into the 'Search Programs and Files' box and hit 'Enter'. The Command Prompt opens.

Step 6: Type 'regsvr32 /u IEDefender.dll' into the Command Prompt and hit 'Enter'. Click 'Yes' if asked to confirm and close the Command Prompt.

Step 7: Now go to 'Start -> Search Programs and Files', and search & delete the following files and folders -

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\AV2010.lnk
c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\AV2010
c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\AV2010\Uninstall.lnk
c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\AV2010\AV2010.lnk
c:\Program Files\AV2010

Now it‘s time to restart your computer.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to block Websites from Wireless Modem/Router

If you want to protect your wireless connection from unwanted applications and web contents, you can block their websites on your wireless modem/router so that nobody has access to it. It doesn't matter what computer you are using, if there is any attempt to access the blocked websites your browser will fail to open it.

Find here some easy tips to access wireless router settings. You can use the in-built feature of your wireless modem/router to prevent users from accessing certain websites of your choice. Find here how to block unwanted websites from your Netgear router.

Find below some easy steps to configure wireless modem/router to block certain websites -

Step 1: Log in to your router's configuration page. Open your web browser and enter the IP address of your router. When logged in, go to wireless modem's configuration page.

How to block Websites from Wireless Modem/Router
Step 2: Now navigate and open parental control settings section on wireless modem's configuration page.

Step 3: You can enter here websites' information which you want to block. Most modems/routers will allow you to block websites based on keywords as well.

Step 4: Now save the setting after making some changes on the wireless modem configuration page. So next time when you will try to access these websites, you modem/router would not open them and your browser will show the 404 error on page or 'page cannot be displayed' message once websites are blocked.

So these are some common steps to block unwanted sites with the help of your wireless modem. But keep in mind that different modems/routers have different procedures to block websites so you can also refer to wireless modem/router manual for some additional help. Find here how to block websites on a Belkin router.

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