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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to avoid viruses when browsing the Web

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a virus or malware when browsing the web. It can absolutely debilitate, debunk and discombobulate you and your computer, and it will be very time consuming and costly to eliminating them. Find here where do malicious computer viruses come from?

So we are sharing here some easy tips to make your computer more protective when you are browsing the web. Find the easy tips below -

Get strong antivirus software. There are several fairly effective antivirus available for free as well paid can be purchased. 

Check that your system firewall is enable or not. If it is disable, enable it. Simply go to 'Start -> Control Panel -> Security Center ->Firewall -> Turn on Now'

You can also use any third party firewall program because Windows firewall provides only a basic level of protection. But don't allow more than one firewall or antivirus program to run more at the same time. They will conflict and can be causes for slow PC.

Keep your antivirus update with automatic latest update files suggested by antivirus manufactures. But there are also some limitations of antivirus software.

Perform completely virus scan regularly to make sure that you haven't unknowingly gotten a virus while visiting the websites.

Prevent dubious websites or links in e-mails. There is little security to be had if you voluntarily put your computer in this type of danger. Find here how you can remove e-mail virus from PC.

Use a latest browser version to visit websites to avoid the viruses that targeted by hackers.

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