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Monday, July 30, 2012

How to setup Netgear router security

Netgear wireless routers support different standard wireless encryption schemes including WEP, WPA and WPAv2. WPAv2 is the newest of the three versions and is still considered secure. You can set up a Netgear wireless router for security by setting a WPAv2 password in the Web-based configuration interface. Get here step by step guide to setup and configure a Netgear wireless router?

So find here Netgear router support tips to easily setup Netgear router security and following steps are -

Step 1: Simply open your Netgear router home page by entering default address '' in address bar and hit 'Enter'.

How to setup Netgear router security
Step 2: Type 'admin' and 'password' without comma for the username and password respectively and click 'Wireless Settings'.

Step 3: Now click 'WPA-PSK' or 'WPA2-PSK'.

Step 4: Type a wireless password in the 'Passphrase' box, and then click 'Apply' to save and apply the settings. Any currently connected wireless clients must disconnect and then reconnect with the new password. Click 'Set Password'.

Step 5: Type 'password' without quotes into the 'Old password' field.

Step 6: Type a password into the 'New password' and 'Repeat new password' fields, then click 'Apply' to save and apply the changes. This changes the password for the router itself and is independent of the wireless password.

Note: If you forget or lost your Netgear router's password, Netgear router can be reset to default factory setting by holding the reset button on the back of the router for 20 seconds.

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