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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to block Websites from Wireless Modem/Router

If you want to protect your wireless connection from unwanted applications and web contents, you can block their websites on your wireless modem/router so that nobody has access to it. It doesn't matter what computer you are using, if there is any attempt to access the blocked websites your browser will fail to open it.

Find here some easy tips to access wireless router settings. You can use the in-built feature of your wireless modem/router to prevent users from accessing certain websites of your choice. Find here how to block unwanted websites from your Netgear router.

Find below some easy steps to configure wireless modem/router to block certain websites -

Step 1: Log in to your router's configuration page. Open your web browser and enter the IP address of your router. When logged in, go to wireless modem's configuration page.

How to block Websites from Wireless Modem/Router
Step 2: Now navigate and open parental control settings section on wireless modem's configuration page.

Step 3: You can enter here websites' information which you want to block. Most modems/routers will allow you to block websites based on keywords as well.

Step 4: Now save the setting after making some changes on the wireless modem configuration page. So next time when you will try to access these websites, you modem/router would not open them and your browser will show the 404 error on page or 'page cannot be displayed' message once websites are blocked.

So these are some common steps to block unwanted sites with the help of your wireless modem. But keep in mind that different modems/routers have different procedures to block websites so you can also refer to wireless modem/router manual for some additional help. Find here how to block websites on a Belkin router.

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