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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why McAfee slow down my computer?

It is no secret that McAfee is one of the most trusted brands for computer protection against virus. While McAfee can help you to keep your computer free from unwanted threats but the side effect of its constant interference and hogging of processor time means that your computer will run much slower than normal.

Find some easy steps for McAfee help to fix this problem, and steps are-

Step1: Never enable your full version of McAfee especially when you are browsing on internet & access trusted website, it may slow down your computer performance. It should be used only when you are navigating to untrusted websites.

Step2: Properly configure McAfee internet security after installation so that it could not hold much system resources as soon as your computer starts. If you didn't configure it after installed it, let’s do now, just few easy steps -

·         Go to 'Start' and type "msconfig" in the search bar.

·         Now run the "msconfig" program and navigate to the startup tab & find all the check boxes that are associated with McAfee, Now unchecked all boxes. It can release some system resources that hold by McAfee and a cause for computer slows down.

·       You can also disable automatic updated & automatic scanning feature because it can slowing down your computer or Internet connection.

·         You can also enable your windows firewall rather than McAfee firewall. Find here how to disable McAfee firewall.

Step3: Add one more task in your work list, run McAfee virus scanner after end of the day; it can prevent your computer from interfering and slowing down while you are still working.

So, you can follow these easily steps to avoid your computer slow down problem occurred by McAfee.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to stop McAfee automatic updates

McAfee offers a range of computer security software programs that help prevent viruses, Trojan & spyware protection from infecting your computer and stop other users or programs from gaining unwarranted access.

How to stop McAfee automatic updates
McAfee allows users to automatically update their Security Center. These updates include virus definition updates as well as core software updates that will make sure your computer is always being protected by the latest technology. If you're having a problem updating McAfee Antivirus on your computer, you can turn off the automatic update feature in McAfee Security Center. Also find here what’s new in McAfee total protection 2012.

Disable the automatic update feature in McAfee Internet Security if you want to prevent it from downloading updates temporarily. So stop these automatic updates and set your own schedule for getting important McAfee updates with these easy steps given below -

Step1: First right click on the McAfee (M) icon and then click open 'McAfee Security Center'.

Step2: Now click on "Updates" and from McAfee security center homepage.

Step3: On the McAfee Security Center window, click the Automatic Updates: 'Off link'.

Step4: Click on 'settings' to open Automatic Updates options page.

Step5: Now click on 'Turn off'.

Always remember that automatic updates turn off your computer is vulnerable to the latest security threats.

Also find here easy guide for how to check for McAfee Updates >>

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's new in Norton Internet Security 2012

Norton Internet Security 2012, as one of the best paid-license security suites available. The tight integration of behavioral threat detection in conjunction with serious attention to download stability makes Norton a compelling choice.

With each new release of Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security, Symantec releases a new version of Norton Internet security 2012 that monitors your computer for suspicious behavior to quickly and accurately detect new threats and stop them in their tracks.

What's new in Norton Internet Security 2012
Norton Internet Security 2012 contains some changes to the 2011 interface, although the design is heavily reminiscent of the previous version. It keeps the dark theme, punctuated by yellow text and now it has enhanced cloud features, so you can download, install, transfer, update or renew Norton products from anywhere right over the internet.

There is a startup manager which has been added to Norton internet security 2012 that starts automatically on startup and shows you how many resources each uses, based on the experience of other users. It’s far more useful than the system startup tools built into Windows, because it provides details about each application and also gives you features missing in Windows, such as the ability to delay programs that run on startup, not just stop them altogether. Also analyze here best antivirus between top two antivirus securities McAfee vs Norton: Once again analyze before choose.

Now Norton mobile version has a link at the bottom of the main interface and next to this link for Norton Management, a new tool that opens in your default Web browser that allows you to use Norton remotely where you can monitor security status, manage remote add and installation & license key renewal.

There's also a link that you can follow in case you believe that Norton missed something in its scan, although as reputation-based protection matures, on-demand scanning becomes less of an issue when compared with the "always-on" protection offered here.
Now it provides four unique layers of powerful protection that work together to proactively stop online threats before they can infect your computer.

There are a lot of new features in Norton security this year (2012), especially for peoples who looking for one security solution that includes mobile. There's no doubt that this is comprehensive, robust security that users can put their trust in it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

McAfee vs Norton : Once again analyze before choose

It is a big challenge for everyone to protect their PC when connecting to the internet. And one more big question is already there, what should be choose between McAfee and Norton for better protection and virus removal. Because each offers the core requirements and neither will be a poor choice, but your own requirements could make either one slightly more desirable.

McAfee vs Norton : Analyze before choose
Norton and McAfee, both are big names in computer security software and easy to install. In an overall look both protect against common threats such as worms, viruses, root kits and malicious code, as well as hackers, scammers and unwanted adware. I'm sure that this blog can help you to find the best Antivirus for your Computer.

Norton system works is a complete security suite that offers you a variety of protection on many levels and Norton anti-virus program runs in the background while other parts of the set-up help protect your computer from different types of threats. You can run checks to make sure your hard drive is running properly. Whereas McAfee offers anti-virus protection along with other security features and now more improved its overall protection including its firewall support. It also runs in the background to ensure overall protection and make sure your system is protected from the latest threats on the World Wide Web.

Norton Internet Security has been made primarily in terms of firewall and antivirus protection. You won’t find advanced parental controls, for example. Nonetheless, for the security-obsessed, there are very good logging features and a comprehensive virus encyclopedia. By contrast, McAfee’s suite provides several extras. As well as the parental controls already alluded to, spam killer will block unwanted email while data backup allows you to protect your data in case files are lost or damaged. After the initial run, McAfee can back up files the second that they’re updated.

Norton can use advanced heuristics to check that sites are what they claim to be. By breaking down website URL and analyzing the format and content of web pages, it can have a decent stab at telling whether a website is official or not. By contrast, McAfee security has a SiteAdvisor button in toolbar that informing you whether sites are safe or not.

When confidential information is sent out, the privacy service can block the information and alert the user. This can easily double up as a parental control, an area where McAfee is particularly strong. The program can analyze web pages for inappropriate content and images and then block any offending material.

So take your time to get to know your anti-virus program, no matter which one you use. The key of this blog is, keeping your system safe, secure and working into the future.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's new in McAfee total protection 2012

The standalone McAfee antivirus is so chock-full of added features you might think of it as a mini-suite on its own. But McAfee Total Protection 2012 adds everything you'd expect in a full-scale security suite, cranks up the power in some of the shared features, and adds useful extras like intruder detection and file encryption. The user interface for McAfee Total Protection is tall, not wide, resembling a chest of drawers. Rather than clicking on tabs to reveal different pages of information, you click on banner-like drawers to open them, one at a time. This leaves the main window relatively uncluttered.

McAfee support now blocks stealthy botnet software by denying its attempts to connect your PC to web addresses that belong to crooks. This extra defense helps prevent your computer from sending out your personal information to Internet crime networks.

Portable storage devices can be infected in their travels, spreading malicious code from system to system. McAfee Security scans and blocks this portable payload of viruses, Trojans, and worms before it can wriggle into your PC and your network.

What's new in McAfee 2012 total protection
Now you can safely and easily share interesting and entertaining content with your social networks, providing web links that your friends can click with confidence. If your link becomes risky before they click, your friends will be warned and protected.

Your confidential files like tax forms and bank statements reveal your identity. McAfee Anti-Theft encrypts sensitive documents—even photos—in a password-protected vault on your PC to keep your identity safe from hacking as well as theft or loss of your PC. (find here easy guide for how to install McAfee wireless protection in your system.)

SiteAdvisor Live lets users move the toolbar into the browser's title bar, where it takes less space. Users can enable Secure Search in Yahoo, Google, Bing, or Ask. This feature disables any links deemed risky by SiteAdvisor. Parents may want to enable Protected Mode. In this mode you can't override a SiteAdvisor warning unless you have the password.

Like the standalone antivirus, the suite offers a network map. All devices on the network show up in the map, with an icon identifying the device type and, if available, the name. You can assign a device type and name to any that McAfee doesn't identify automatically.

You can import your address book into the spam filtering white list, to ensure none of your correspondents will ever be blocked.

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