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Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to stop McAfee automatic updates

McAfee offers a range of computer security software programs that help prevent viruses, Trojan & spyware protection from infecting your computer and stop other users or programs from gaining unwarranted access.

How to stop McAfee automatic updates
McAfee allows users to automatically update their Security Center. These updates include virus definition updates as well as core software updates that will make sure your computer is always being protected by the latest technology. If you're having a problem updating McAfee Antivirus on your computer, you can turn off the automatic update feature in McAfee Security Center. Also find here what’s new in McAfee total protection 2012.

Disable the automatic update feature in McAfee Internet Security if you want to prevent it from downloading updates temporarily. So stop these automatic updates and set your own schedule for getting important McAfee updates with these easy steps given below -

Step1: First right click on the McAfee (M) icon and then click open 'McAfee Security Center'.

Step2: Now click on "Updates" and from McAfee security center homepage.

Step3: On the McAfee Security Center window, click the Automatic Updates: 'Off link'.

Step4: Click on 'settings' to open Automatic Updates options page.

Step5: Now click on 'Turn off'.

Always remember that automatic updates turn off your computer is vulnerable to the latest security threats.

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