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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's new in McAfee total protection 2012

The standalone McAfee antivirus is so chock-full of added features you might think of it as a mini-suite on its own. But McAfee Total Protection 2012 adds everything you'd expect in a full-scale security suite, cranks up the power in some of the shared features, and adds useful extras like intruder detection and file encryption. The user interface for McAfee Total Protection is tall, not wide, resembling a chest of drawers. Rather than clicking on tabs to reveal different pages of information, you click on banner-like drawers to open them, one at a time. This leaves the main window relatively uncluttered.

McAfee support now blocks stealthy botnet software by denying its attempts to connect your PC to web addresses that belong to crooks. This extra defense helps prevent your computer from sending out your personal information to Internet crime networks.

Portable storage devices can be infected in their travels, spreading malicious code from system to system. McAfee Security scans and blocks this portable payload of viruses, Trojans, and worms before it can wriggle into your PC and your network.

What's new in McAfee 2012 total protection
Now you can safely and easily share interesting and entertaining content with your social networks, providing web links that your friends can click with confidence. If your link becomes risky before they click, your friends will be warned and protected.

Your confidential files like tax forms and bank statements reveal your identity. McAfee Anti-Theft encrypts sensitive documents—even photos—in a password-protected vault on your PC to keep your identity safe from hacking as well as theft or loss of your PC. (find here easy guide for how to install McAfee wireless protection in your system.)

SiteAdvisor Live lets users move the toolbar into the browser's title bar, where it takes less space. Users can enable Secure Search in Yahoo, Google, Bing, or Ask. This feature disables any links deemed risky by SiteAdvisor. Parents may want to enable Protected Mode. In this mode you can't override a SiteAdvisor warning unless you have the password.

Like the standalone antivirus, the suite offers a network map. All devices on the network show up in the map, with an icon identifying the device type and, if available, the name. You can assign a device type and name to any that McAfee doesn't identify automatically.

You can import your address book into the spam filtering white list, to ensure none of your correspondents will ever be blocked.

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