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Thursday, April 5, 2012

McAfee vs Norton : Once again analyze before choose

It is a big challenge for everyone to protect their PC when connecting to the internet. And one more big question is already there, what should be choose between McAfee and Norton for better protection and virus removal. Because each offers the core requirements and neither will be a poor choice, but your own requirements could make either one slightly more desirable.

McAfee vs Norton : Analyze before choose
Norton and McAfee, both are big names in computer security software and easy to install. In an overall look both protect against common threats such as worms, viruses, root kits and malicious code, as well as hackers, scammers and unwanted adware. I'm sure that this blog can help you to find the best Antivirus for your Computer.

Norton system works is a complete security suite that offers you a variety of protection on many levels and Norton anti-virus program runs in the background while other parts of the set-up help protect your computer from different types of threats. You can run checks to make sure your hard drive is running properly. Whereas McAfee offers anti-virus protection along with other security features and now more improved its overall protection including its firewall support. It also runs in the background to ensure overall protection and make sure your system is protected from the latest threats on the World Wide Web.

Norton Internet Security has been made primarily in terms of firewall and antivirus protection. You won’t find advanced parental controls, for example. Nonetheless, for the security-obsessed, there are very good logging features and a comprehensive virus encyclopedia. By contrast, McAfee’s suite provides several extras. As well as the parental controls already alluded to, spam killer will block unwanted email while data backup allows you to protect your data in case files are lost or damaged. After the initial run, McAfee can back up files the second that they’re updated.

Norton can use advanced heuristics to check that sites are what they claim to be. By breaking down website URL and analyzing the format and content of web pages, it can have a decent stab at telling whether a website is official or not. By contrast, McAfee security has a SiteAdvisor button in toolbar that informing you whether sites are safe or not.

When confidential information is sent out, the privacy service can block the information and alert the user. This can easily double up as a parental control, an area where McAfee is particularly strong. The program can analyze web pages for inappropriate content and images and then block any offending material.

So take your time to get to know your anti-virus program, no matter which one you use. The key of this blog is, keeping your system safe, secure and working into the future.

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