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Monday, July 23, 2012

How to block and remove Malware

Protecting your computer form Malware and unwanted threads is not an easy task. Malware has an escape from existing antivirus protection and your antivirus may fail to detect Malware. So you will not only use a good antivirus program but also you must have a Firewall program to stop, block and remove malware from your computer. Because Firewall program is especially made for fix Malware. Get here where do malicious computer viruses come from?

Get below how easily can you block and remove Malware from your computer -

How to remove Malware:

Step 1: First disconnect the internet from your computer and backup your data.

Step 2: Now restart your computer in safe mode to stop the malware from running because some malware is self-running which known as auto-starting.

Step 3: Now go to 'My Network Places' and delete everything that you do not recognize or the name looks suspect.

Step 4: Now again restart your computer in safe mode and go to 'Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove', and delete all ActiveX controls, browser cache history and temporary files & cookies.

Step 5: Empty the recycle bin and must install a firewall, because firewall is a computer program to stop malware and other harmful threads.

Step 6: After all, run a full virus scan on your computer for any possible viruses...

Don't forget to restart your computer to check for anything you may have missed. Also find here how to get rid of the Conficker Worm.

How to block Malware:

Step 1: First run Windows Firewall program while on the Internet. Windows Firewall is a malware blocking program that is available for Windows operating system to block data connections that may contain malware.

Step2: If you didn't enable your Windows Firewall, then go to 'Start -> Control Panel -> Security Center ->Firewall -> Turn on Now', and again follow the step 1.

Step 3: Now run a updated virus removal program to full scan of your computer.
Sometime you can also use any third party firewall program because Windows firewall provides only a basic level of protection.

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