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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Remove Windows Runtime Error

A runtime error is a problem that interrupts programs from working correctly. It indicates that there are bugs in the program/software. Run time errors may also occur if your system files are obsolete or corrupt.

Follow the Windows repair steps as mentioned below to easily fix this type of errors-

Step 1: Go to 'Start -> Run', type 'msconfig' and hit 'Enter' key. 'System Configuration Utility' window will be appeared.

How to Remove Windows Runtime Error
Step 2: Click label 'General -> Selective Startup'. Now clear the check boxes for 'Process SYSTEM.INI', 'Process WIN.INI' and 'Load Startup Items'.

Step 3: Click 'Services' tab and select the checkbox to 'Hide All Microsoft Services'.

Step 4: Click 'Startup' tab label and select 'Disable All'. Click the checkbox next to one of the programs.

It’s time to restart your computer. If the runtime error is still occurring, then that was a conflicting program which you checked in Step 4. Now go to control panel and remove this conflicting program. 

If there is no runtime error after system restart, repeat the above steps until you find the conflicting program.

Don't forget to check Malware in your computer. Find here how to block and remove Malware.

After deletion of conflicting programs, install latest update for your Windows system. Get here how to run Windows update in Windows 7.

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