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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where do Malicious Computer Viruses Come From?

A computer virus is a self-replicating computer program that is written to alter the way a computer operates. But where do they come from? So in this blog, we'll examine where do malicious computer viruses come from?

The most common source of virus infection is of course the internet. This will not be a surprise and it doesn't mean that you have to stop accessing the internet. The best defense is an updated computer. Find here how to clean a virus infected computer.

Where do Malicious Computer Viruses Come From?
Let’s take a look at the most common sources where computer viruses came from.

1. A virus usually comes from the web without opening a file. When you open websites that use java or VB scripting, these files can easily compromise your computer and do things that you are completely unaware of and you do not have to click and open anything to get a virus.

2. Did you download an attachment from a sender you did not know? When you download any files, there is a very high risk of the entry of a virus into the computer. Perform a strong virus removal on your computer to remove it.

3. Check your internet browsing history to see if you visited any questionable websites recently. Some sites are created specifically to download a virus. Also determine if you clicked any suspicious pop-up ads. Sometimes viruses are installed when you click on ads that link to a malicious website.

4. There are many kinds of removable disks that users use these days like pen drive. When you save a virus infected file to a pen drive and plug-in to a computer which don't have strong virus protection, then virus can easily transfer from pen-drive to computer.

Apart from the above mentioned sources, You will get infected if you don’t have strong antivirus protection. It really would recommend a full internet security suite. But there are also some  limitations of antivirus software

So, Virus protection is not enough to keep your system safe.

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  1. Prevention is better than cure. Using original antivirus software prevents the virus to come in our system and it saves thousands of dollars on repairing and maintenance.