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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Access an Outlook PST File in Lotus Notes with Perfection

Both Outlook and Lotus Notes are email clients. However, the latter offers advanced, better utilities and features than the former due to which users want to switch over to it. Since both are different databases and have different file formats (.pst for Outlook while NSF for Lotus), it is not possible to manually switch over the entire data as it carries the natural risk of being damaged and lost. Even if it is tried being converted to Lotus Notes, a great amount of time will be consumed during the procedure without guaranteeing that it will be done safely and without damage. The below mentioned guide has been designed to help you perform the task on your own. If you face any problem while performing below mentioned steps you can contact  Microsoft outlook support at their toll free No. 1-877-452-9201

So what’s that should be done to convert Outlook .pst file data to Lotus Notes? 

Download and run an Outlook to Lotus Notes conversion tool from a torrent but safe website. There are many free and paid tools available on the internet that can be downloaded and installed with ease. One such great tool is SYSTOOLS Software’s Outlook to Notes that allows migration of the entire Outlook data including inbox, outbox, drafts, distribution lists, attachments, calendars, email properties, journals, and to-do-lists among other things to Lotus Notes. The tool is safe and fast to use and does not compress or modify any .pst file data during conversion process. The tool supports most of the versions of Microsoft operating systems, MS-Outlook, and Lotus Notes.

Save the file to your desktop or a location where the file is easily accessible from. When done, browse to the location where the file is saved, double click on the icon and open it. Follow the automated wizard instructions and complete the setup of the program. When finished, open the program and start converting your Outlook data to LN. Wait until the process finishes and shows you a success message. Do not close window until the process completes.


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