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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Fix Dell Computer Audio Problems

The article describes the procedure of fixing common audio problems in a Dell computer. The methods compiled here are reliable and correct until date. However, it is recommended that these should be followed carefully to avoid encountering problems. If you face any problem while performing below mentioned steps you can contact Dell technical support at their toll free No. 1-877-452-9201.

Steps to Fix Dell Computer Audio Problems

Check the physical connection to make sure that no wire is loose or damaged. You must also ensure that the computer is working fine. If everything else is working fine on your computer except sound, then check that your speakers are not on mute. It is possible that your audio speakers went on mute while you were fiddling with the settings.

Check that the sound card (adapter) is working fine. To do so, click on the Start button, right click on My Computer and click to choose Manage. The Computer Management window will open up. Click on the Device Manager option and you will see different options listed in the right hand side pane. Click on the + sign next to Sound, video and game controllers and check whether any audio device has a yellow triangle mark on it. If there is one, right click on the device and go to Properties. Choose from the various options to either update driver, rollback a driver, or uninstall etc.

If you haven’t updated the sound drivers for some time, then do it now by clicking on the Update Driver button. Wait until the process finishes. If the sound problem started after the installing a particular latest driver, then click on the Rollback Driver button to undo the recent changes. You can also use the Uninstall button to completely remove a driver and install a new one. Thereafter, go to the Drivers & Downloads page on Dell’s website and download latest, compatible drivers for your operating system. You must provide all the prompted details to continue to download page.

You must also keep your Windows version updated by downloading and installing latest updates. You can either run Windows Update or visit Microsoft’s official website for updates. Doing this resolves many common issues including sound.

If everything is fine and you still can’t get nowhere with the problem, download and install Microsoft’s automatic troubleshooter viz. MicrosoftFixit.AudioPlayback.Run.exe either from Google searches or Microsoft’s official website. Save the file to your desktop and open it to run troubleshooting and fix the problems. You can also download and run another troubleshooter namely MicrosoftFixit.devices.Run.exe to run a check on hardware & sound devices. These two tools will diagnose and fix the common problems with playback software and hardware\devices respectively.

If your music breaks or skips during play, then use this tweak. Click on the Start button and navigate to Control Panel and then Hardware and Sound. Click on the Sound option. Click on Speakers under the Playback tab and then select Properties. Click to highlight Enhancements and then check the box next to Disable all enhancements. Click on the Apply and/or OK button to save the changes and close the windows.

If the issue persists and you continue to get a specific error message, note it down and Google it. Try the fixes that match to your problem. If nothing works for your problem, then contact professional dell technical support for Dell computers.


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