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Friday, February 17, 2012

Do Mac need antivirus security?

There's no denying that Macs are a tough nut to crack. Mac include some very strong security-minded features what you will not find on Microsoft windows operating system/PC, like encryption/deception for hard drive, built-in antivirus and anti-phishing technology, sandboxing features that limit what stand-alone programs can do to your computer, administrator password and more.

Do Macs need antivirus security
Mac operating system computers are often advertised as being immune to viruses and it do not suffer from as many viruses like Microsoft operating systems but it doesn't mean that it is completely immune and no need for scan & check you computer for virus removal.

If you using internet at daily basis, then it is no guarantee that your Mac computer will secure and safe. There are many ways to prevent your computer from being infected with spyware, malware or viruses, and keeping up with these security measures can help your new Trojan threats Mac user’s computer virus free.

Step1: Always update your Mac OS with recently updated pack by Apple or you can you can set automatically updating method for update operating system for re-build or discovered new changes.

Step2: Never think that Mac has no need firewall for protection against attack from web. Set up a firewall on your computer to prevent Internet intruders from easily accessing unprotected files. Mac computers come with preconfigured firewalls; you can modify firewall setting according to your usages.

Step3: Never use any untrusted or unknown website for download application. Configure your Mac computer to alert you when you are about to download a potentially harmful application.
Step4: For make updated and protected with latest updated feature by Apple, take subscription from Apple O/S official site for product security issues before updates are published through the Mac update service.

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