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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Convert & Configure Microsoft Exchange to Outlook Express

Microsoft Exchange is a server solution sold by Microsoft support to many Internet hosting companies to support their email and communication infrastructures. The primary difference for email clients, such as Outlook Express, is that it stores the messages online while allowing you to download copies of the original message to the client. Exchange also allows synchronizing of calendars through Microsoft outlook support (Outlook Express), allowing you to share calendars between several clients, with each person being able to add or make changes.


1.  Double-left click the Microsoft Outlook Express icon to begin the program. You will need to open the Internet Connect Wizard, which is located under "Tools" then "Accounts."

2. Click the "Mail" tab and then "Add" to open up a special dialog window that will allow you to enter your credentials.

3. Add your credentials to the dialog window including: incoming server, outgoing server, log-in and password. All of this information is available from your network administrator or when you purchased the Exchange email setup.

4. Click the properties tab in order to setup the protocol and port configuration for your email and calendar. Unless your administrator recommends otherwise, enter "port 80" for incoming mail, check the box "My Server Requires Authentication" and "Use Incoming Settings."

5. Click "OK" to finalize and test your settings.


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