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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recover the security password for wireless

Online Wireless support blogs provides you to better idea to recover your wireless password. From the first time you connect to a wireless Internet network on your computer; your security password is stored in the memory of your machine. This is why after entering your password for the first time; you never have to enter it again. Trouble Shoot Wireless helps here if you want to recover the password in the event that you've lost it or need to give it to someone else; you just have to know where to look on your computer to find it.


1. Right-click on the icon in your taskbar that represents your wireless Internet connection.

2. Select "Open Network and Sharing Center."
3. Click "Manage Wireless Networks."

4. Click the icon that represents the wireless Internet connection you are trying to recover the password for. Select "Properties" from the toolbar.

5. Select the "Security" tab. check the "Show Characters" box to display the password for that particular wireless Internet connection.

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