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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can restore feature remove virus from computer ? Or something else...

You may have heard someone mention that restore feature can be used to remove viruses or other infections from a computer. Is this true? Can you purely create a "restore point" and revert back to that restore point in the event that your computer is infected? Personally, I will say No, because…

Can restore feature definitely remove virus from computer?
Earlier days, it was the most active topic in computer world that can system restore features definitely remove virus from your computer? I am not agree with this because i have a lot of practical example to prove that it is false. 

But there are also myth about that, restore is a rolling safety net is always kept under the user, enabling the user to recover from recent undesirable changes. However, in the case of virus removal, System Restore is a false hope. So you need a proper guide for how to delete system restore virus.  

It may be possible that you faced any virus in past which creates copy of itself. And these viruses may be capable of infecting the restore volume as well as the actual system files. And it is also depends on the virus. If it resides in the registry or in a driver of some part then I think it may be able to or if it was installed using a rogue windows update. Most likely restore will not remove the virus because most viruses replicate themselves and make it difficult to remove.

Sometimes it seems to work, but the virus can hide in restore points to reinfect later. It’s not really a good idea to use system restore for virus or malware removal. So never choose system restore feature for virus removal because it's nature is to copy files without making sure they are clean, and not allowing anti-virus programs to clean them inside of the restore volume. You’re much better off with having an effective anti-virus solution installed, and disabling System Restore during the virus removal process.

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