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Thursday, March 15, 2012

What to do if your dell laptop's wireless is not working

After invented wireless network technology, it removes the problem of heavy cable especially if you are using laptop. Wireless Internet technology makes it easy to connect a laptop to a local wireless network. If you are using dell laptop with wireless connectivity to access internet then it might be possible that you faced wireless connectivity problem in your dell laptop and you are not able to connect it so you need to troubleshoot the settings to correct the problem. 

What to do if your dell laptop's wireless is not working
If you are facing this problem & looking for dell support to fix wireless connectivity issue in your dell laptop, then follow this steps to resolve it -

Step1: First check that wireless should be closer to your laptop so that signal bandwidth keeps full for proper connectivity.

Step2: Now right click on the wireless icon from the desktop and select "Enable" it from pop-ups menu.

Step3: Now check that wireless receiver is enable for your laptop otherwise you will not be able to connect to laptop.

Step4: Again right click on wireless icon from desktop and search for all available wireless network. After find your wireless network, try to connect it with your password. Keep remember your password otherwise you will nor able to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Step5: Sometime it may be possible that all hardware & other features of your laptop is not properly start-up, so restart your laptop again.

Step6: After restart your laptop, check that wireless network driver is properly installed or missing from list. If missing, so try to download it from dell support website with proper detail of modem number, supporting operating system and your laptop model number. (also find here how to restore dell computer drivers …)

Step7: Restart the laptop once again and now your laptop should be ready to begin using wireless connections.

But it might be very complex task for a user to fix it. So find here dell help for troubleshoot your dell wireless connectivity issue from certified professionals of vtechsquad.


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