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Thursday, June 30, 2011

How Can You Remove E-mail Virus From PC

E-mail virus is one of the most popular PC viruses. You open the attachment or click on a link that is attached to your friend's email thinking that it is a legitimate attachment, your system will be infected by these virus email virus very fast even before your virus removal software detect it. The most famous E-mail virus is the CIH virus mail attack.

1. As you know this virus comes with attachment in email, you should not download email attachment from strangers. Delete emails from strangers instead of keep them.

2. Always check your e-mail security settings to make sure you have the correct security measures in place to combat these attacks should they ever take place again. If you're security settings are set up to allow JavaScript, Macros or other (possibly malicious) files to execute automatically, then it is vital that you disable these features as soon as possible to ensure that you are not vulnerable to an e-mail based virus attack.

3. Always keep your Firewall turn on. 90% of this virus can be stopped by firewall which can filter out e-mail that may carry a virus attachment.

4. Equip your computer with a professional antivirus program. In fact, no antivirus program can stop all the viruses in email from infecting your computer once the virus is activated. Because e-mail virus can spread at an amazing speed while computer security programs needs some time to update its signature database. However, use your antivirus program to scan the attachment before you open it.

If your computer has already infected by an e-mail virus, a security program is the only helper you can get. Restart your computer in safe mode, update the antivirus program, run an online scan and then full scan.

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