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Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Make Win 7 Boot Faster

Hardware plays a important part in determining how fast your Computer boots up. When you boot your system, the computer loads operating system files along with programs that are configured to start up automatically. You can disable some of these programs or services for a more efficient start-up.

Steps to Make Windows 7 Boot Faster

1. Disable search indexing. Right-click "My Computer," "Click Services and Applications," and click "Services." Right-click on "Windows Search" and select "Properties." Change the startup type to "Disabled."

2. Reduce graphical features. Right-click your desktop and select "Personalize," then choose the tab labeled "Window Color." Uncheck the "Enable Transparency" option and select a basic color scheme from the box that appears.

3. Disable unwanted Windows 7 services. Because some services are necessary only when the system attempts to access them, it may not be necessary to automatically start them every time your computer boots. Services can be set to start up automatically, to start when Windows calls for them, or they can be disabled entirely. See the resources link for services that are safe to set to manual. Disabling a service entirely may impact functionality if the service is needed at a future point.

4. Disable the Gadgets. Right-click on the sidebar and select "Properties." Uncheck the box labeled "Start sidebar when Windows Starts."

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