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Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Download Yahoo Mail Into Outlook

You can use Microsoft Outlook with many email accounts. But Yahoo does not provide free POP and STMP access to the users of its free Yahoo mail. If you are a Yahoo email user and want to read and send your yahoo email with Outlook or If you want to "POP" your Yahoo Mail into your Outlook 2007. Here in this blog I have tried to explain how to set up Outlook to read and send Yahoo mail.

Steps to download Yahoo Mail into Outlook

• Open Microsoft Outlook.

• Select 'Email Accounts' from the Tools menu.

• Select 'Add New Email Account.'

• Select 'POP3' followed by the 'Next' button.

• Enter all of your required user information, including your entire email address.

• Specify the server information for the Yahoo Mail account: '' and ''

• Click the 'Advanced' tab and change the POP3 port number to '995.' Change the SMTP number to '465.'

• Be sure the 'Log-In Requires Authentication' is unchecked on the main page.

• Click 'OK' once all of these parameters have been entered, followed by the 'Finished' button.

If you followed the above configuration steps, you should be all set. However, if you cannot send
or receive mail with your email client, then read our blog “Troubleshoot error messages when trying to send and receive e-mail in Outlook Express” for fixing send and receive error message.

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