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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Windows Vista Stops Responding While Trying to Boot

Windows vista is considered as the most secure and the reliable Operating system. But at the same time bugs and the errors can't be ruled out. That’s the reason we face problems in Windows Vista. One of the typical symptoms is that computer might fail to boot, displaying STOP errors on screen. This issue can occur if any one of the file required to boot the system is missing or damaged. To fix this issue you need to reinstall windows vista and restore the information from current data backup. If you facing problem with your backup, scan your hard drive using commercial data recovery applications or contact Windows Vista Technical Support at their Toll Free No. +1-877-452-9201.

Steps to follow if Windows Vista Stops Responding While Trying to Boot

• To fix this issue, you should have Windows Vista installation disc.

• Insert the installation disc and boot your system

• select the desired language and click on “Next”.

• Select 'Repair your computer' option

• You need to then select the operating system to be repaired in 'System Recovery Options' dialog box

• In the same dialog box, click to choose 'Startup Repair' option

• Startup Repair will automatically try to detect and correct startup problems that prevent Windows Vista from booting. Click Finish when the process gets completed.

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