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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Avast free vs. AVG free

With the free download version, Both, AVG and Avast are most downloaded security software programs on the Internet. So before choosing anyone between them, first get here comparison report of AVG and Avast on the performance and features basis. Here we are comparing between only free versions.

Avast vs. AVG (Features comparison):

Avast free vs. AVG free
First start from comparison of both antivirus installation steps.AVG comes with some additional third party bundled toolbar software which is optional as part of the installation. You need to go for a custom installation if you do not want the link scanner feature to be activated. Whereas Avast requires you to enter your email id for license key activation.

After successfully installation, AVG will not ask & force you to restart your computer and it also does not need your email id for generating a license key, it done automatically. Whereas Avast suggest & force you to restart computer and you need to enter your email id for the license key and activation.

From security point of view, AVG is free for personal and business use and offer antivirus for free virus removal, anti-spyware, anti-dialer, anti-phishing, signature based and heuristics based on-demand scanning, email protection and real time protection. Whereas Avast also offers same features as AVG free version provides. But Avast has some more extra features which includes the behavior blocker, p2p protection, intelligent scanner, network shield and chat protection. So from security point of view, Avast is much stronger than AVG.

AVG vs. Avast (Performance comparison):

After features & security comparison, now take a look of performance comparison between them. Avast and AVG, both offers full & customized scan facility and both offers right click and scan facility. But AVG use more memory than Avast for full scan but the AVG scan is quite faster than Avast.

After overall conclusion on that, I find that Avast free is better than AVG free because it offers some extra security features than AVG. And we are discussing here about AVG and Avast which offers protection against all kind of threads, so security point of view I would be recommended to Avast free is better than AVG free. But this is my personal opinion.

Also find here comparison between McAfee vs Norton and Once again analyze before choose between them.


  1. AVG is not free for business use. See"commercial+use" . Only A/V I know of that's free for commercial use is Comodo (and maybe PC Tools??).

  2. Avast's Web Shield scans non-https downloads *while* they're downloading so you don't have to download the entire file and then wait for a scan to be performed. You can schedule multiple types of custom scans at different frequencies, unlike most free a/v. It can also run a scan as a screensaver so it doesn't run while you're actually using the computer (I hate when an overnight scan is still running in the morning and makes the computer slow). It has a behavior blocker but I haven't seen this flag anything so I don't know how well it works. There's a web site reputation browser extension (similar to site advisor). I like the fact that I can use the exceptions to prevent real-time scanning on-execute and on-read, so I can scan only on-write (I exclude archives because their contents get scanned on opening when they get written to a temp folder) and with thorough scheduled scans to make sure the system stays clean.
    Avira Free has a nightly pop-up ad but this doesn't bother me much. Avira Free doesn't have as many modules as Avast, but Avira has usually gotten higher marks for its engine's raw detection ability. Avira (and MSE and ZoneAlarm Free AV) also has the ability to exclude processes from its real-time scanning. so you can exclude any on-demand-only scanners that you might want to use so these don't trigger the real-time to intercept every read and do its own scanning. Avira also appears to have the ability to scan a file even while it's open and locked (shadow copy). It can be set to scan on-write "only" but in fact this still scans on-execute as well. The new ZoneAlarm Free AV looks nice because it's one of the only free a/v's to include a firewall, and it's reputed to use the Kaspersky av engine which is highly-regarded.

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