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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cloud Computing is actually safe?

After invented cloud computing, it become very easy to store, edit and access all your data. You don't need to install anything and don't need to go through some intense and slow protocol every time you have to access your files on your cumbersome. This has been one of the biggest reasons for corporate companies and individual users to prefer cloud computing alike.

But the big question is, Cloud Computing is actually safe?

Here are some cloud computing support tips to keep your cloud experience a safe one -

Cloud Computing is actually safe?
Keep your password long:  Many users prefer to keep a password that they can remember like their own name, address or something personally linked to them. But, this is a mistake and things like these are the first to be looked at by hackers. Always add your own assortments of letters (both cases) and numbers to it and keep it random and write it down on paper somewhere. Never try to access the cloud from a public computer like cyber cafe; you never know what malware may be on those computers.

Data Encryption: Although most clouds have their own encryption systems, you can choose to use your own. The cloud will be using a finite set of keys for all encryption, so if someone knows them, they can easily access your files.

File Sharing: Always keep the shared files separate from the private ones and make sure that you have control over the privacy settings of all files on your account. This helps your stuff to be more organized as well as useful to keep track of all your file sharing. 

But nothing is totally safe in today's cyber world and cloud computing is still in the developing stage so give it more time to evolve and wait for stronger international laws for cloud data storage and transfer.

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