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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to fix Wireless printer not detected/found problem

Since the printers are wireless, you can connect multiple computers to the network and they can in turn be linked to the printer. Wireless printers allow a user to print a file from a computer without using a cable and allow for greater mobility while still having the option to print.

Wireless printer not detected/found problem
The setup & installation is also very easy and without needed much knowledge of networking. Because its setup and installation need no wire so you simply setup it within your network, just read manual documentation. But, before provide solution of wireless printer not detected/found problem here, I want to confirm that given solution is only for hp printers. But a overview of this hp printer support blog also help you to troubleshoot your any wireless printer not detected/found problem in your network. So find the solution below and read full blog until & unless it wouldn't be finished, it will help you to fix this problem whatever printer you are using.

First open your Hp printer page and you will notice that there is your IP address is showing but it doesn’t mean that the printer is connected to the network. You need to make sure that your printer is connected to your own network. So before doing the following steps below, verify the wireless settings of your router such as the Wireless Network Name (also known as SSID) and the SSID is case sensitive. Also find here guaranteed solution to fix that why is my hp printer always busy?

Step 1: Open 'Wireless Network Set-Up Window' and click on 'I want to be guided through setting up my printer on my wireless network', then click on 'Next'.

Step 2: It will open 'Connect the printer to your wireless network' window, now click on 'Show in settings' button and tap Show Settings.

Step 3: After click on 'Show Settings' another window pops-up showing SSID or the Wireless Network Name in which the printer is connected. 

(i) If the printer is connected to the correct SSID, click on 'Yes' and click on 'Next'. The installation software will guide you the whole set-up process. Just follow the succeeding steps.

(ii) And if the printer is not connected still to your router’s SSID, go back and click 'Show Settings' and choose the correct SSID.

But some time this issue causes between printer and router are the physical connections. Your initial issue was that the printer is not able to detect the wireless network you have set-up on your router. If your printer is connected to the port number 1, check this light if it light-up. If not, use the other ports however for any reasons.

Also check the settings of your router and make sure that your router is not on Mac Filtering settings. If yes, you'll need to manually type your printer's Mac address to the allowable devices should connect to the network.

Your SSID on the router settings should not be on hidden mode. If yes, unhide this SSID and let it show to broadcast wireless network.

So this is a proper step-by-step solution to fix wireless printer not detected/found problem.
I hope it will be helpful :))

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