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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Which is best : Wireless vs Wired

There are two basic ways to access internet, one is "wired" using Ethernet LAN cable or "wirelessly" using radio waves (Wi-Fi). 

Wired technology or LAN cable is well knows between us. We can easily setup and install it with few necessary equipment like router, LAN cable and a dial-up connection for access fast internet. You can consider Belkin technical support to install Belkin router; it is powerful and easy to install. And installation is now inexpensive, so you can transfer data more swiftly between system in network and generally more secure than wireless networks. Because of a fixed connection, you will need to access internet on a fixed place but the best thing is this; you can access consistent data every time.
Which is best : Wireless vs Wired

But there is also some limitation of wired technology like, if you are running multiple computers simultaneously so you will need to setup every system with modem/switch through cables, because a lot of cable used in wired technology so cables can look disorganized. And a lot of system in a single network can be slow down your network connection speed.

Whereas Wireless networks generally use radio waves to connect internet capable devices to a router that functions as a wireless access point. This wireless connection allows computer and other Wi-Fi devices to connect to each other and the Internet from almost anywhere in your home. Find here tips to improve wireless network speed for free.

Wireless networks allow you to use your computers anywhere in a home or office, even in the garden or out on the patio. You can check your email or surf the Internet. You can easily setup wireless device than wired cable and access same speed as wired technology. But there are also some limitations, like it has a limited range of single speed and single might be affected sometime by radio signals and others signals. Because wireless signals can be intercepted also, so there is also lack of security issue.

But for a user who needs high-bandwidth to enjoy high-demand applications like video streaming and online head-to-head gaming, there is no substitute for cable.

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