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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to fix Dell Inspiron shutting down problem

Whether you use your Dell Inspiron at house, office or anywhere, surprising shutdowns can be harmful to your efficiency.

If your Dell Inspiron system shuts down suddenly, you could lose hours' worth of valuable work and even cause damage to your operating system. Since a number of things can cause this Dell computer problem, it is best to take a methodical strategy to issue solving. Get the solution below-

Before perform any other procedure, check that there is no problem with power cord. It is a rough idea but you can also replace the power cord with new one…also get here how to factory reset Dell Inspiron.

A not working side-line system can also cause the Dell Inspiron for shutting down suddenly and why Dell computer starts rebooting. You can analyze for this issue by disconnecting everything but the laptop key pad and computer mouse. Run Dell Inspiron with the side-line devices turned off to see if the close down issue eliminates itself. If it does, add the side-line devices back one at a time until you look for the issue system. Once you look for the issue device, you can try installing a new driver for it. If that doesn't work, you can simply substitute the not working device. Also get here how to fix if sound not working on dell laptop.

System Overheating is another most common causes of surprising shutdowns in the Dell Inspiron system. When the system starts to run hot, it shuts down to secure sensitive elements from extreme heat. In many cases, overheating is due to accumulate of trash and dust inside the computer case. To fix this, eliminate the PC's case, and then apply compacted air into the system case to affect dust reduce and strike it out of the case. Also get here what to do if bluetooth problem in Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop.

A corrupt or failing hard drive can also cause surprising shutdowns, and this is one problem for which you want an early warning. You can run on board diagnostics by watching for the Enter Setup prompt as you start your computer. In the Installation selection, look for the Diagnostics menu and then run all available tests on the hard drive. Get here how to fix Dell laptop hard disk 0146 error code.

If you find that the hard drive is failing, you need to back up your important information to an external storage device before a new hard drive.

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