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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to make Dell Inspiron run faster

If you are a Dell Inspiron user, you may be experiencing a slow down in computing performance. This is the general as a computer ages and the hard drive is filled with data. Because the Dell Inspiron system that comes with the Windows operating system, you can use some utilities on Windows that can help make your Dell Inspiron run faster.

Find below some Dell help tips to fix slow PC problem of your Dell Inspiron to make it faster -

Step 1: First check your total hard drive free space. The little memory space can cause for slow system. You can perform 'Disk Cleanup' utility to delete temp files & allocate free hard disk space. For perform 'Disk Cleanup' utility, go to 'Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools ->Disk Cleanup'. Get here what are common Dell Inspiron 1525 problems and solutions.

How to make Dell Inspiron run faster
Step 2: You can also perform disk defragmentation in your Dell Inspiron system to manage saved file memory location in a single place so that it can access faster. Rather than if your file are saved in different locations on the hard drive, your Dell Inspiron system will take much time to search it. Get here how to factory reset Dell Inspiron.

Step 3: You can perform 'Error Checking' utility to check for any issue in your Dell Inspiron hard disk. These hard disk errors are generally not noticeable but it can cause for slow hard disk or slow computer. To perform 'Error Checking' utility, Right-click on Mycompputer icon and click properties option. Click the 'Tools' tab followed by 'Check Now'. Get here how to fix 0146 hard disk error code in dell laptop.

Step 4: It is recommended to perform virus removal program to scan your system at daily basis to check for any virus and malware in your Dell Inspiron system. Get here how to block and remove Malware.

Step 5: You can also increase your RAM if you are not satisfied by the general performance of your Dell Inspiron.

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