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Monday, August 20, 2012

How to fix sound problem in HP Pavilion

If you are experiencing issue with HP Pavilion sound output, there could be many of reason for that. Sometime it could be cause of hardware fatal and sometime it can occurred from software problems. Get here some additional help to fix HP laptop freezing problem.

Find here number of alternatives that can possibly fix the issue. Get the steps below -

How to fix sound problem in HP Pavilion
Step 1: Before taking any technical step, first ensure that speaker is turn on and mute button is disable. Also check your system audio jack. Sometime you can't hear sound from speaker because the main issue with the audio jack. You can also plug a headphone to check for any issue with the audio driver and software.

Step 2: Now you need to check the system audio driver is working properly or not. Simply go to 'Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Computer management -> Device manager'. Now find here 'Sound, video and game controllers', right-click on your sound device and select 'Properties'.

Step 3: Now click 'Driver' tab and check that what driver is currently installed and it is working properly or not…also find here how to fix webcam problems in hp laptop.

Step 4: Update the audio driver now still the device says it is working properly because sometime the driver might be causing this problem. Follow to step 2 again, select the option to automatically update the driver, or search the HP support website for a new driver to download and install.

Don't forget to restart you HP Pavilion after successfully installed new driver.          

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