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Friday, August 17, 2012

how to reset Dell Inspiron laptop password

Dell Inspiron comes fully equipped with latest Windows operating system, which you can configure using an administrator password. Windows operating system make it very easily to reset your Dell Inspiron laptop password. Get here how to reformat Dell Inspiron hard disk.

Modifying your private data frequently can decrease the possibility of someone opening your system without your knowledge. It takes few minutes to change the administrative password on your Dell Inspiron laptop. Get Dell help tips below -

how to reset Dell Inspiron laptop passwordStep 1: Simply go to 'Start -> Control Panel'. A new window eligible 'Pick a Category' will pop up. Click 'Performance and Maintenance' category.

Step 2: Click 'Administrative Tools' under 'Performance and Maintenance' category. A new window will appear with multiple shortcuts and icons. Get here how to fix bluetooth problem in Dell Inspiron 1525.

Step 3: Click on 'Computer Management' icon. 'Computer Management' windows will appear. Now click on 'Local Users and Groups'. Click 'Users' folder from the right side of the window.

Step 4: Click 'Administrator' account and go to 'Action' then 'Set Password'. 'Set Password for Administrator' window will appear. Click the 'Proceed' button.

Step 5: Now type and save your new password here and click 'OK'.

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